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A team of fully qualified Ford trained technicians, with years of experience behind them they will be able to fault find your vehicle, by using our up to date service equipment and genuine parts we can ensure the correct fitment first time.



Our highly skilled service team will help keep your Ford in tip-top condition. Expect value for money, a professional service and high quality genuine Ford parts.  Your van will then brake as Ford intended.


Transtech can diagnose and sort all kind of fault errors (such as ABS and ESP) to the quick and easy brake pad change.


Infrequent oil changes or using the wrong grade/type of oil can increase CO2 emissions, as well as shortening the life expectancy of your engine and turbo. We use the correct oil suitable for your van, as specified by Ford, Providing up to 3% improved fuel economy.

You may already be achieving these savings if you’re using the correct oil and changing it at the right time.


Tyres are a key safety feature of your vehicle. Worn tyres could mean that your braking distance could increase by up to 70% on a wet road. The correct tyres (fitted on site), pressures and wear levels ensure that your vehicle performs properly in all conditions.


Almost all joints and pivots in a modern suspension system have rubber or plastic components.

Due to the constant movement of the suspension system, parts gradually soften and perish. When they deteriorate too much, they become loose which causes steering and road handling problems.


It is essential to make regular checks of the wheels tyres and the condition of the suspension system.

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