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Like any vehicle, your van needs servicing regularly to keep it in the best condition. At Transtech we have fully trained Ford technicians, Ford specific tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment designed specifically for your Ford. We use original Ford parts, engineered by Ford to fit and perform perfectly with your vehicle. 

Mechanical faults can range from the smallest thing such as noisy brakes to an engine or gearbox fault, it's best to get any fault seen to by a fully trained mechanic as even the smallest fault can soon turn in to a big problem. Having your van serviced regularly by a fully qualified garage can highlight most mechanical faults before they become a problem.
Almost everything on a modern van is controlled or connected by something electrical. Whether it be though wires switches / sensors or electronic control units (ECU) over time these can become faulty through wear and tear or other contaminants. An electrical fault can take time to find as they also cause other components to seem faulty, with the right fault finding equipment and the right knowledge the faulty part or parts can be removed and replaced first time round saving you on labour and part costs.
The engine consists of moving parts, camshafts, Valves and pistons to name a few, When not maintained properly they can create wear. Increasing oil consumption and decreasing fuel efficiency. Having a cam-belt slip or break, This can cause your valves to smash into the top of the piston, breaking the valve and scoring the bore and possibly the piston in the process. In our workshop we can strip and repair most engine problems, unfortunately not everything can be repaired, if this happens we can source a direct replacement engine and swap them over.
The clutch system on a van consists of a flywheel, friction plate a pressure plate and a release bearing. They are a vital part of your van as they allow you to change gear seamlessly. Over time they wear out or become damaged though mistreatment. Ignoring problems can cause more damage to other major components such as your gearbox and crank shaft. Catching clutch problems early can save you time and money in the long run.
Having your brakes regularly checked can identify uneven wear and keep you safe, You never know when you need to brake in an emergency. Keeping your brakes in good condition will allow your van to stop more efficiently, By using good quality parts this will keep your vans braking system performing how it should be.
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